Why do hospital lactation consultants, whom are beyond RNs/NPs/APNs (Registered Nurses/Nurse Practitioners/Advanced Nurse Practitioners) make all new breastfeeding failures instead of supporting them – Wellness Question


I mean just found out it happens, just tonight.

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I mean just found out it happens, just tonight. I mean I never really knew about it before it and especially with all of my yrs being a clerical volunteer in maternity department at the local hospital by me. Of course that makes me beyond both shocked and angry. Here I thought it was the opposite.

Basically, I meant is from what I gather from a friend friends (whom are sisters) that they had difficult time with them. More than anything else. Both of them went on two very different paths. One choosed bottle feed with formula. Gave up on trying to breastfeed after the 1st took to the both bottle and formula because knowing it already worked once. While other went to other LC (Lactation Consultant) with much better results that time and did for some time after. At the moment I’m unsure if shes doing or stopped after she went back to work.