13 thoughts on mental health.

Thanx, Hannah for this wonderful blog entry. I for one can relate to both you and it. Especially, during these past 6 mos with all of my mother’s death, my both depression, and anxiety coming back in full revenge. After been good for so long, but at the same time I was on meds during that time because I had relapses before. At the same time I started to go back to church again, but with companion/s with me. In which both my most of my family and me weren’t church going people. Since our father was put off by it after attending a jesuit college for 3 yrs. Then, our mother was for it, but never forced it on us. Expect for receiving all our sacraments, ccd, visiting our grandmother in the nursing home at the end of her life because she suffered from alzheimer’s. Even now, my sister is expressing interest in going as well. In which I’m glad for.

hannah brencher.


I didn’t want to work out this morning but I pushed myself out into the sunlight anyway.

I’m confused by the weather as I walk the streets of my neighborhood. November in Atlanta is like a puberty-stricken teenager square in the middle of an identity crisis. Some days she is hot. Some days she is cold. She dresses up like winter on a Monday and then slips back into the nylon of spring by Wednesday. I wish November would make up its mind.

I pull out my phone and set the time for 45 minutes. I only need to walk and get my blood pumping for 45 minutes today. That’s all it will take.


I thought I would write about depression sometime in the month of October. It was National Mental Awareness Month. I thought I should have something to say but I watched the 31 days come and…

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