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I’m back with yet another update regarding whether or not I was going to subscribed to Holistic Parenting Magazine. I’m also including my original beyond email, entry, post, thread.



At this time really haven’t subscribed to it besides the free newsletter of course. But it does looks promising, especially being on, and off again when I first found it until now. Of course found it during one of my many google searches, but at the same time forgot the terms that I used during it​.

In which I decided to go ahead with because it was beyond what I was looking for in a magazine. Now, just wished I had known about when it first came out (a couple of yrs back). Especially, its following in Mothering Magazine (ceased publication altogether, 2011), but did keep its DC (dotcommune), but that was sold afterwards. Holistic Parenting is way beyond better than some of these publications. I also subscribed to for a brief period of time before deciding it wasn’t for me in the end. They are beyond Brain, Child (ceased), Kiwi, Natural Child World, Parents, Parenting (ceased and merged with Parents). At the same time I’m also including beyond both American Girl and New Moon Girls. In which I still look at beyond some via the library and all of them have gone down hill over time. Expect, New Moon Girls because I didn’t know about that particular until was adult.


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Back yet again with even more from Holistic Parenting Magazine. I still highly recommend beyond checking out. In which I know that you will be like me after subscribing, reading beyond both magazine, and site. Well, for me it was beyond the opposite of course, but still its worth in the long run.

Back yet again with even more from Holistic Parenting Magazine. Well at least more of my views on it. In which I still have beyond both love relationship with it none the less. But still its worth putting out there.

Basically, its appears to be more of a left wing and especially with the likes of Huffington Post mentioned there. Especially, in light of all thats going on surrounding beyond abortion aka Planned Parenthood, pro choice. In which I’m beyond against all of this and undecided registered moderate independent voter. Well, mainly in the 2nd (13th) edition that I have received. At the same time both of us had issues with the mail. For them was the snow more than anything else. As for me combination of not coming at all or not being deliver to the right address. It has been happening frequently all of the sudden and not just for me, but others in my intermediate family/household.

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