Outsourcing, Automation, and the Joy of Assisted Living. | Kate Northrup


Hmm both okay and interesting because to me I get way too confused with the assisted living part of this. Because to me I think of it for only older people more then anything.

At the same time belated XPosted comment regarding all of this.

@jessicaabrunowaybeyondfedup @northrupmd Good for you and whom needs to do it year in and out. Especially, after doing it for Thanksgiving and yrs past. But at the same time need further explanation as to what you meant by #assistedliving. Since I assume that you still by yourself and beyond as well. At the same time that also includes the rest of your family as well. Mainly, @katenorthrup and @mikejwatts. That also includes Penelope of course. This also applies to @anncmoller and beyond as well.


Twitter Haters, When Do I Get My Apology for Agreeing with Morgan Freeman about #BlackHistoryMonth?


​Here we go again with the same old never ending stuff.​


Pregnant Women And New Mothers Need Depression Screening : Shots – Health News : NPR


​Hmm both okay and interesting. Basically, this is the very 1st time that I have heard of this kind of depression screening and have no clue whatsoever on where I stand on this particular issue as of yet.​


The Weigh We Were | Weight Loss Success Stories from All Diet Plans, Message Board, and View Profile: waybeyondfedup – The Weigh We Were Message Board

The Weigh We Were | Weight Loss Success Stories from All Diet Plans


The Weigh We Were Message Board


View Profile: waybeyondfedup – The Weigh We Were Message Board


​Basically, I found all of this with one of many google searches regarding PCOS, Cyster Chats, Discussions, and Forums. At the same time it does looks promising and hopefully it works out for me in the long run. But wouldn’t be shock if it doesn’t. Giving my history with beyond all of this.


BREAKING: Grand jury indicts pro-life investigator behind baby part videos, clears Planned Parenthood | News | LifeSite


​Here we go again with the same old stuff. In which to me it should be the opposite of this because Planned Parenthood deserves this kind of treatment instead of the indicted in this particular case.​


Back to Real Life Today and Re: Beyond Open Letter To Sarah Heath Palin, Bristol Palin, And/or Whomever This May Concerns



Dear Ms Heath Palin, Miss Palin, and/or whomever this may concerns:

Back again with another link regarding all of this. And this time its from Miss Palin’s own blog hosted by Patheos.

Beyond open letter to Sarah Heath Palin, Bristol Palin, and/or whomever this may concerns



Dear Ms Heath Palin, Miss Palin, and/or whomever this may concerns:

Back writing to you again in regards of your recent family situation and I am waybeyondfedup with you guys.


Alyssa Milano Argues With Wendy Williams About Breastfeeding in Public, Talks Weight Loss | E! Online and beyond



​All have to say to you and beyond is I’m Jessica A Bruno- waybeyondfedup with all of this as opposed to anything else. Highly recommend checking this book out. In which will released sometime in March. In which I forgot exactly when of course.

Beyond A Mind of Your Own: What Women Can Do About Depression That Big Pharma Can’t, Dr. Kelly Brogan MD – Holistic Psychiatrist. & Kristin Loberg, with the authors’ individual websites




Plus, the authors’ individual websites.

Kelly Brogan MD – Own Your Body. Free Your Mind.


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Change Your Food, Heal Your Mood (E-Book) | Kelly Brogan MD | Holistic Women’s Health


Kelly Brogan, MD | Metabolic Medical Institute – Integrative Medicine


Kristin Loberg


At the same time heres another resource for here as well.

Home – Dear Dr. Dora Calott Wang and/or Dr. Dora Wang, M.D.



Sacred Activism: Moving Beyond the Ego – Kelly Brogan MD with Beyond open letter Kelly Brogan, M.D. and A Mind o f Your Own: What Women Can Do About Depression That Big Pharma Can’t


Beyond open letter Kelly Brogan, M.D. and A Mind of Your Own: What Women Can Do About Depression That Big Pharma Can’t


Dear Dr. Kelly Brogan and/or whomever else this may concerns:

Back again with yet another piece of my work. Tell you, the truth this really doesn’t apply to you, but more to the others. Still its worth sharing on here. Well, its bits and pieces of some of my works.

I know that (A Mind of Your Own: What Women Can Do About Depression That Big Pharma Can’t) wouldn’t be out for another coming mos, but its worth sharing. ​In which to me its highly past time for it. In which I’m very glad to finally see a book like of this kind. Especially, in this day, age, and were we came from. Would love to see you and/or others go beyond as well.I always wanted to know a lot more about all of this because I’m waybeyondfedup without knowing.

At the same time I found we are a lot like, but then also we aren’t in others ways. I also have found to NFL (Natural Family Living) aka ethical blogging networking and/or etc whatever its called. To be better then mainstream family living aka unethical blogging and etc. In which I still high time for The International Code of Marketing Breast-Milk Substitutes (1981) to be looked at and re worked. In order to move toward. I for one have yet to found, etc more ethical blog network, and maybe join in due time. At the same time heres some more of my interests and somewhat of my specialities are. Activism, advocacy, awareness, campaigning, charities, compassionate, computers, learning, passionate, reading, researching, etc along those lines. In which at the same time highly recommend that you check out my other works to get know me better. Mainly they are the links to my blogs. In which one of them I do share from to the another one of course, but still worth the look.

Think thats it for now.

Thank you, again, in advance.

Yours truly,