#voxpopular #ohplease #growup It’s right there

#voxpopular #ohplease #growup

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Date: November 15, 2015 at 4:15:14 PM EST

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Subject: It’s right there

Hi Jessica A (waybeyondfedup),

During my first few weeks of parenting I found myself reading a TON of books about babies, doing a lot of Googling, and asking friends their opinions.

Should we put her on a schedule?

Is it ok if her poop is a little green?

Should I wake her to feed or let her snooze?

Is it ok if I’m only pumping 2oz at a time?

If I need to put her in the other room to sleep because she’s so noisy will I traumatize her for life?

I felt lost and confused. I felt like I had no idea what I was doing. I felt nothing like the kind of mother I’d imagined I would be.

As I had yet another conversation with Mike that began with, “They say…” I realized it was time to back the train up.

I decided to go on a baby book diet and start acting like the kind of mother I imagined I would be.

What kind of mother is this? One who checks in with herself instead of Google. One who listens to her instincts instead of advice from podcasts. One who mothers from her center.

There has been an angel holding me through this process named Tami Kent. Her book, Mothering From Your Center, is the only one that’s been allowed to stay on my nightstand.

She reminds me to stay in the feminine field and to let the Great Mother hold me while I hold Little P.

She reminds me that everything I need to mother is right there in my center.

Everything each of us needs to be whatever we want is right there in our centers.

Tami and I co-created a course that teaches you how to create abundance from your center. Because you don’t always have to just keep working your ass off to increase your financial flow.

There’s another way.

Our new course, The Freedom of the Feminine: Creating Wealth in Every Aspect of Your Life teaches you that other way.

You can get the course now for a savings of $11 and you’ll also get exclusive access to a Q&A call with Tami and me where we’ll help you suds out how to use your masculine and feminine energies in balance to create the life of your dreams. The deadline to get the savings and the call is 11/20.

Learn more by clicking here.

If you’ve gotten off track from being the kind of mother/daughter/sister/friend/wife/partner/woman you imagined you’d be and you need to regroup, then this course is for you.

And if you’re ready to increase your financial flow by doing something other than working harder, this course is for you.

Join us.

All my love,


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