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#voxpopular #goodforyoudoingthis #keepupthegoodwork #withallofthis #prolife #personhood #right #republicans #conservatives #etc #ohplease #growup #plannedparenthood #prochoice #presidentobama #whitehouse #rest # radical #left #democrats #liberals #etc

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Subject: #ShoutYourAbortion: The New (and Ugly) Face of Women’s Rights

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Hey there, Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup),

I make no apologies about being pro-life, and I make no apologies for teaching my children to embrace the same pro-life beliefs I do.

The other day I was online when I received a particularly nasty message from someone on Facebook telling me I was “anti-woman,” that I was trying prevent women from having access to quality healthcare, etc., etc. My oldest son (11) was next to me at the time, so I showed him the comment. I asked him, “How would you reply to this person?

His question was short but hit the nail on the head, “What does being against abortion have to do with being against women?”


wv268-69e5594e-e01d-467a-9f11-8bffe1513648-v2I started to talk to him about the history of the women’s rights movement in America over the past 200 years in America—how women used to lack the right to vote, sit on a jury, hold property, or control their own finances. I talked about how women fought for these and other rights and over time won political freedom.

I also told him about how, without exception, all these early women’s rights advocates were pro-life, not pro-choice. Why were they?

1. They understood that abortion is the fruit of a bad tree—a clear sign society did not take care of its mothers and would-be mothers. Pregnancy is not the enemy. The injustices and inequalities that cause women to want abortions are the real enemies.

2. They understood it made no sense for an oppressed and defenseless class (i.e. women) to oppress another class (i.e. babies in the womb).

I’m personally sick and tired of the rhetoric that to be pro-life is to be anti-woman. This kind of argument is ignorant of all that women have fought for over the last two centuries.

I highly encourage you to check out my new article, “#ShoutYourAbortion: The New (and Ugly) Face of Women’s Rights.”

You also might enjoy reading my wife’s article on this subject, “5 Things I’m Teaching My Boys About Abortion.”

Luke Gilkerson

PS: Do you have friends who consider themselves politically liberal? Or maybe you lean that way yourself. I firmly believe the pro-life cause should be a bi-partisan issue. Over 100 years ago, a liberal (along with a conservative) would have gladly taken a stand against abortion. It is high time liberals got back to their roots. Together, we can make a make a difference.

If you agree, share my article on Facebook, Pinterest, or wherever your friends congregate online.

Being pro-life should have nothing to do with being Democrat or Republican. This isn’t a party issue. Women deserve better than abortion.

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