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  1. Hi Jessica, are you on vacation? I hope you and your family have a good, safe, Blessed, Merry Christmas.
    I brought something that I believe you will appreciate.:
    I have nominated you for the Sisterhood of Bloggers Award. You do not have to accept. If you would like to be able to post the badge on your site all you have to do is …
    1. Provide the link to the person who nominated you.
    2. Add the reward logo.
    3. Answer the questions your nominator has asked.
    4. Nominate 5 other bloggers and let them know via comments.
    5. Ask your nominees 5 questions.
    To see the questions I wrote for you to answer click the link below…

    There is some more info here…
    You can find the badge on my About page and the post linked above You can save it and then add media on any of your pages to post the badge .
    Let me know if you have a problem.

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