Franklin 150th: “I never saw the dead lay near so thick.”

Emerging Civil War

It was a near-run thing—John M. Schofield’s Federals steadily marching down the Columbia Pike towards Franklin through the night of Nov. 29 while sitting close to their camp fires were the Confederates of John B. Hood. The two former West Point roommates, Schofield and Hood, were now pitted against each other as they battled through Tennessee.

The onset of darkness had ended the Nov. 29 fight at Spring Hill, 12 miles south of Franklin. Pushed close to the brink, Schofield’s Twenty-Third Corps of the Army of the Ohio and the Fourth Corps of the Army of the Cumberland now needed to escape the closing noose. And because of a complete snafu from the high Confederate leadership, the beleaguered Unionists had their way out.[1]

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