Dr. Oz is a TV version of Woman’s World magazine

Dr. Jen Gunter

I was standing in the checkout line at the grocery store (which was especially long as it’s ww_cover
Thanksgiving week and the store was packed) when my eye wandered over to the magazine rack and I caught a glimpse of Woman’s World. You know the magazine with the tabloid look  (weird-coated-not-quite-newsprint feel to the paper, bright colors,  and story lines about miracle ways to lose weight by defying the laws of thermodynamics, miracle ways to be happier/calmer/more satisfied, recipes, and miracle thyroid/hormone cures).

And then I thought, where have I heard that language before…

  • Fat-melting!
  • Works like statins!
  • Belly bloat!
  • Reset your metabolism!
  • Reverse aging!

The Oz show has all the same buzzwords as Woman’s World. In fact, I could invent a game where I read sensationalized medical phrases and challenge people to identify the source and call it Oz/Woman’s World/or both and I bet the answer…

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