Idolatry in the name of Christ

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The Roman Catholic Church in Goa leads the people into forbidden idolatry in the name of “Christ”, and defame Jesus of the Bible.

A poor Indian is lead into idolatry, paying to the mortal remains of a Spaniard. A poor Indian is lead into idolatry in Goa, paying to the remains of a mortal Spaniard.

The state of affairs in Goa in India is going from bad to disastrous. The Roman Catholic archbishop leads the citizens into worship of a corpse, a skeleton, the possible remains of an European imperial Jesuit priest.

The Church has promised the people that 5 million pilgrims will come during the 44 days of exposure of Spaniard Francis Xavier. 75 million USD (4.000 Cr. rupee) is expected in revenue, from a daily influx of 100.000 visitors to Old Goa.  A promise that has already been broken during the two first days of exposition, since hardly 18.000 devotees turned up this weekend.

The Times of India, 20th of November 2014. The Times of India, 20th of November 2014.


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