A man’s sperm is NOT his sole contribution to children and family life

Women for Men

Several weeks ago Fox’s popular afternoon program, The Five, discussed Katy Perry’s childish and stupid remark that she doesn’t need a “dude” to have a baby—mirroring a similar remark Jennifer Aniston made back in 2010.

In response, Kimberly Guilfoyle said, “I’m hoping she’s trying to say it in a way that’s empowering, saying even if you’re not lucky in love […] you can still fulfill dreams.” And conservative commentator Dana Perino said she “totally” gets what Perry means. “I love the father-figure idea, but maybe there just isn’t enough research or time yet to see if women like Katy Perry can make it work.”

Father figure idea?

Fathers are not an idea. They are real, and they matter. If men are superfluous to you as a single woman, single mom, girlfriend, or even wife, that’s unfortunate. But that attitude is the reason good men are hard to find. That we have…

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