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Open letter and responses: PNC Bank, Financial Group, Credit Card Services

These are from what I posted on PNC Bank Facebook Page regarding all of this.


Dear Whomever this may concerns:

Have to say that I’m more and more beyond fed up with how you do business at PNC Bank. I thought you were the opposite of it when I 1st open my account (virtual) with you (2008). I converted into just free basic checking and etc. It turns out you aren’t and it seems to me you are like my old bank (Bank of America) as well. Especially, whenever I contracted you via your website. In which I’m really starting to consider again of switching banks and which I really don’t want to. Well, at this point in time.

We’d like to help with the trouble you’ve experienced Jessica. When you get a chance, please send us a private message with more information or you phone number along with a time to call and we’ll get back with you to discuss. Thanks

 Thanx, but no thanx because have gone this route so many. With mixed results and trying to sell me stuff in which I have already figured its not good on my end. But good on your end. At the same time if I do get the same response from you with this response, I’m going be sharing all of this on my blog, facebook pages/forums that I belong to, and etc. Because PNC is just like my old bank in a way and in which was really hoping for. When I 1st signed up in which they were for a time, but not anymore.

Think thats it for now.

Thank you, again, in advance.

Yours truly,

Jessica A  Bruno