Re: Sarah Heath (maiden) Palin (married)

Back yet again with my full review of this memoir/biography.

WOW what a memoir/biography this turned out to be.  I’m so so so glad that I found, read it, and etc.  It really did justice to her, but also to her father, brother, mother, sister, husband, kids, grand kids, other in her family, friends, and etc.  Even though I haven’t been big fan of hers for sometime now.  Basically, it was combination of a lot of things including her memoirs, Bristol’s memoir, and Levi’s memoir, and etc that drove me away from her.  From now on I just hope that take everything with in stride and a grain of salt.  I highly recommend that others do the same as me with this.  At the same time reading the other memoirs that I have mentioned before.  Especially, going in reverse order because I found its easier that way as opposed to the opposite order.

Think thats it for now.