Re: Hurricane and/or Tropical Storm Sandy aka Frankenstorm

Checking in, but not at home because hit us real bad.  Indeed I was wrong about the storm.  Mean our power is still out and whom knows when we will get it back.  We also had some tree damage done to our yard and that also for my neighbors and rest of the street.  But we are lucky that none our damage gone into house.  At this time have no clue how the rest the street fared besides one house a tree fell into their garage and split in half.


Re: Update and open letter to OBOS (Our Bodies, Ourselves) and etc

Tell you the truth I’m conflicted about OBOS (Our Bodies, Ourselves) doing this. At the same time I still take everything with a gain of salt because I’m really an progressive independent more then anything else. I hardly follow politics. Especially womens because I found its hard to follow, even when I try to do it and etc.

Educate Congress: A Women’s and Reproductive Health Remedy for Ill-Informed Reps

We have seen plenty of evidence that members of Congress don’t actually know enough to make the decisions they make about women’s bodies. Twice in the last two months, elected officials have made statements about women’s bodies so wrong that a professional ob/gyn organization felt compelled to publicly refute them.

Back with a update entry. In which they provided further explanation regarding this and etc. As for me I’m still feel the same way on this.

Why We Need to Educate Congress

Should medical associations really have to correct members of Congress?
As recent events have shown, clearly they do. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) has issued two statements in the past two months correcting false information about pregnancy and abortion that was promoted by elected officials.