The Woman’s Hour:, Elaine Weiss and Visionary Women:, Andrea Barnet

: The Great Fight to Win the Vote, and: How Rachel Carson, Jane Jacobs, Jane Goodall, and Alice Waters Changed Our World,
Elaine F. Weiss | The Official Site of Author Elaine Weiss
Woman’s Hour, Mar 27 2018 | Video | C-SPAN.org
Andrea Barnet
Author Discussion Biography, Apr 21 2018 | Video | C-SPAN.org
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Dear Ms Weiss, Ms Barnet, whomever else this may concerns, everyone both on/ff of here:,
I am finally here with at least one being finished and one of them needs to be started. In the end I just chose to wait it out. Even through it took me a mo 1/2 to finish it. I mean I got it the wk that it first came out and started to read it soon after that. Don’t really recall exactly when I started it. In which I really don’t have a clue as to when I will start reading the 2nd book. Think it came out the a wk after that. Since I got more then a couple/few to read others as well. At the same time I own all of them. I found thats its much easier on me. Expect for the wallet part of it.
I have decided to do a combination review of both of them instead of separate ones. I also found them to be very similar to each other as well. As also being different from each other as well. One of them included all sides involved in the final 6 wks of the fight. Exactly, in the end it took another couple of yrs before everything was said and done. That included US supreme court to hear/decide on it as well. Well, in the end it took even more time because all beyond civil rights as well.
Even through one of them choose not to include the one other (fifth) woman that was also involved with the four other women that she included. In which she was Ms Betty Friedan (The Feminine Mystique) because of both feminist/ism aspect of it. Well the fake/mainstream part of it. Instead of the alternative/independent/real/truth part.
Please don’t get me wrong Especially, I for one I’m waybeyondfedup with what the selection is nowadays in this/ese particular subject/s. Especially, with what as we conservatives, christians, political correctness, and beyond face as well. Even through in the last couple/few mo I have found couple/few others that are pretty much like yours here.

Ivanka Trump’s HQ (Headquarters) http://ivankatrump.com for her/their digital publication.  Thats to me goes along with her father (President Donald Trump:  MAGA aka Make America Great Again) https://www.donaldjtrump.com.  Women Vote /d for him for President of here.  http://womenvotetrump.com  Diamond and Silk https://www.diamondandsilkinc.com.  Carly Fiorina http://carlyfiorina.com as well.   In addition to all I would love to see that you also include everything else out there.  To truly make it all round and especially thats includes news, current event/affairs as well.  Maybe making it more of a worldwide combination print/digital one at that.

Of course they are HMSDSOAA (Homesteaders of America) http://homesteadersofamerica.com, Jordan Schrandt’s http://jordanschrandt.com Farmhouse Movement Magazine http://farmhousemovement.com and The Joyful Life Magazine Company http://joyfullifemagazine.com.  In which Sandi Sutton http://sandisutton.com is the founder, publisher, and beyond.

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Think thats it for now.
Thank you, again, in advance.
Yours truly,
Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)





Comey Memo Dossier Possibly Used To Set Up President Trump

Did James Comey Try To Set Trump Up on Salacious Dossier?


We called it.

Last night, here at The Political Insider, we reported that the fabled memos of former FBI Director James Comey outlining his discussions and meetings with President Trump would be released to Congress. In the piece, we noted that you shouldn’t “count on the substance of the memos to remain a secret from the public for very long either.”

Just like clockwork, some of the memos were leaked last night, revealing Comey’s deeply-held memories about his talks with President Trump. And we’re just learning that Comey may have revealed that President Trump was set up in one meeting in order to have the infamous Trump dossier, which documented Trump frequenting Russian prostitutes, reported in the press.

Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist reports:

Newly released memos written by former FBI director James Comey indicate that an early 2017 briefing for then-President-elect Donald Trump about the contents of an infamous dossier was held so it could be leaked to media outlets eager to report on the dossier’s allegations. In multiple memos, Comey specifically mentioned that CNN had the dossier and wanted a “news hook” that would enable the network to report on its most salacious allegations even though they had not been verified.

“I said the Russians allegedly had tapes involving him and prostitutes at the Presidential Suite at the Ritz Carlton in Moscow from about 2013,” Comey wrote of his conversation with Trump in a classified memo that was released in redacted form late Thursday. “I said I wasn’t saying this was true, only that I wanted him to know both that it had been reported and that the reports were in many hands.”

No media organizations had reported the allegations at the time Comey briefed Trump.

OK, so how does this work? The “pee” dossier was first reported on in full by BuzzFeed. But, BuzzFeed only reported the dossier after a significant CNN story was published vaguely referencing the collection of salacious documents. It was the CNN story that was the impetus for releasing the dossier to the public.

We know CNN was looking for an excuse to run the probing story about the dossier. Comey admits in a memo they needed a “news hook.” That news hook, it appears, was Comey’s briefing Trump on the matter.

Hemingway notes:

“I said there was something that Clapper wanted me to speak to the [president-elect] about alone or in a very small group,” Comey wrote. More on that in a bit.

“I then executed the session exactly as I had planned,” Comey noted before going into details of what he claimed he told the president-elect. He wrote that he told him about the now-infamous prostitute pee-pee videotape claims contained in the dossier. Then he wrote:

“I said I wasn’t saying this was true, only that I wanted him to know both that it had been reported and that the reports were in many hands. I said media like CNN had them and were looking for a news hook. I said it was important that we not give them the excuses to write that the FBI has the material or [REDACTED] and that we were keeping it very close-hold. He said he couldn’t believe they hadn’t gone with it. I said it was inflammatory stuff that they would get killed for reporting straight up from the source reports.”

Hemingway continues, writing, “So Comey, at Clapper’s expressed behest, told Trump that CNN was ‘looking for a news hook’ to publish dossier allegations. He said this in the briefing of Trump that almost immediately leaked to CNN, which provided them the very news hook they sought and needed. This briefing, and the leaking of it, legitimized the dossier, which touched off the Russia hysteria.”

Sounds awfully sneaky, right?