Ebola Vaccine Appears Promising In First Human Trial, Scientists Say

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ebola vaccine 9.29 3National Institutes of Health researchers reported on Wednesday that a possible vaccine for the Ebola virus appears to be safe in early testing and that a clinical study in West Africa can go ahead as planned late this year or in early 2015.

A look at the first group of people injected with the vaccine, which has been shown to protect monkeys from Ebola, shows no dangerous side effects. And it seems to be producing an immune response that would be expected to protect them from infection. The scientists reported the results of the Phase I testing in the New England Journal of Medicine on Wednesday.

“Based on these positive results from the first human trial of this candidate vaccine, we are continuing our accelerated plan for larger trials to determine if the vaccine is efficacious in preventing Ebola infection,” said Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., head of the National…

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Michael Brown’s Stepfather Claims He Was Misquoted, Didn’t Incite Riots

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FERGUSON, MO (The Barbed Wire) – Amid charges he incited riots after the grand jury decision in the case involving his stepson’s death, Michael Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head, insisted he was misquoted in the press and never intended for protesters to torch and loot numerous stores Monday night.

Head, an ex-con himself, was caught on video repeatedly yelling angrily to a mob of protesters to “Burn this bitch down!” in a clip that has been played widely across the media spectrum since Monday night. He claims he’s been getting a bad rap all week. “Look, y’all are not listening to me. Did you see the tape? I was standing on a bench in a park. I said ‘Burn this bench down!’ That’s all I wanted, to burn this one little bench, then I would have had closure.”

Asked if he knew what ‘closure’ meant, Head answered, “No, but I’ve heard…

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Upon the First Day of My 38th Year

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Today I am thirty-seven years old.  This used to be a scary-sounding age to me.  Probably because it was the age of my father when he had his first heart attack.  Until recently, getting older, in my mind, was synonymous with failing health.  So thankful I took control of my health and now I actually feel better at thirty-seven than I did at twenty-seven or even seventeen.

Usually I make goals for the upcoming year on or near my birthday.  This year is no different.  I have a few goals to set/changes to make.

*Work on an inventory of art projects so by that this time next year I could have a booth at a craft fair if I wanted one.

*Consider hosting classes in my home for other homeschool children in exchange for money.

*Finally write that play I have outlined in my legal pad and continue to work…

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Michael Moore exploits shooting of Michael Brown for his socialist agenda

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Of course it’s misleading. That’s what Michael Moore does. He uses whatever logical fallacy he can to promote his misguided socialist ideals.

The Michael Moore formula starts with a false premise.

False premise: Michael Brown’s death was punishment for the act of stealing cigars. Had he not attacked a police officer, he would have been arrested and assuming his trial wasn’t outsourced to Saudi Arabia, he certainly would not have received the death penalty.

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